SVG Country Conference 2023

Explosions, Ash and Lahars:

‘The 2020-21 eruption of La Soufrière Volcano, St. Vincent.’

Eruption cloud captured from the Belmont Observatory during the 2020-21 La Soufrière eruption, St. Vincent.

The UWI Seismic Research Centre, The University of the West Indies (UWI) Open Campus, St.  Vincent and the Grenadines and the National Emergency Management Organisation will present a two-day Conference on March 29 and 30 2023.

The aim of the conference is to highlight research that has been or is being undertaken on La  Soufrière Volcano with particular focus on research on the eruption that occurred between 27th December 2020 and 22nd April 2021. It will also seek to provide a forum for researchers within  the Eastern Caribbean to meet and discuss the state of knowledge regarding Caribbean volcanism  and gaps in knowledge that still exists. Conference presentations would be delivered using a blended format with pre-recorded virtual  presentations and in-person live presentations being accommodated.

Interested presenters are invited to submit an Abstract of no more than 300 words, accompanied  by a cover page, which must include: (i)Title of the Paper; (ii) Author’s name (ii) Author’s Contact  Information (email and telephone numbers) and Biodata of no more than 50 words. The presenting  author must make the submission. Abstracts must be written in English.

All presenting authors must register for the conference. Register here

Submission Deadlines 

Abstracts to be provided by: 13th January 2023

Pre-recorded video presentations from remote participants to be submitted by:  10th March 2023

Submissions and queries should be sent to:

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