We offer a range of consultancy services related to our areas of expertise in geology, geophysics, volcanology, and seismology:

  • Provision of information on the incidence, specific characteristics and possible impact (i.e. damage) of earthquakes to insurance companies
  • Summary of seismic activity in areas where oil or geothermal exploration studies/investigations are being conducted.
  • General geological advice to private companies
  • Preparation of field assessments of geological hazards
  • Preparation of geological field reports on specific areas with respect to a particular usage (e.g. usage of earth materials)
  • Serving on scientific committees or advisory boards
  • Advising governments on a variety of geoscience-related matters
  • Conducting seismic hazard assessments
  • Geothermal modelling and interpretation of results
  • Perform Microtremor Array Measurements
  • Perform 1/2/3/4D measurements projects involving geotechnical, geological, groundwater, environmental, archeometric and many other applications.
Consultancy services


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