About Us

Through monitoring, research and outreach, The UWI Seismic Research Centre promotes the safety of citizens against the impact of earthquakes, volcanoes and tsunamis in the English-speaking Eastern Caribbean.

Awareness, Education & Support

We currently provide a national seismological and volcanological service for contributing territories in the Eastern Caribbean, as well as support for tsunami warning and public education and awareness on geologic hazards. Our vision is to be the leading agency in the Eastern Caribbean for earthquakes, volcano and tsunami monitoring and for the dissemination of information to mitigate the negative impacts of these hazards.

International Recognition

Since our establishment in 1953, we have become an internationally-recognised centre of excellence in the core areas of seismology, volcanology and outreach in this region, which we proudly call our home.

Dedicated professionals

Our team is comprised of dedicated professionals, committed to excellence, precision and accuracy in our work, independent thought and inquiry in our research, and innovation, social responsibility and adaptability in our operations.