La Soufriѐre Eruption 2020-2021

After 40 years of low activity, La Soufriere, St Vincent began to erupt effusively in December 2020 eventually switching to an explosive event. This led to the evacuation of approximately 22,000 people, the activation of 88 shelters and clean up operations costing over EC$28 million dollars. 

St Vincent alert level green

2020-2021 Eruption Timeline

Rally Round SVG

Consistent with our traditional emergency assistance protocols, The University of the West Indies is activating a two-phased approach to the response efforts for Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG).

In this immediate phase, we encourage staff, students, alumni, friends and partners to join in contributing financial resources with special priority towards healthcare, education and displaced students left vulnerable following the eruption of the La Soufrière Volcano.


How did it change from effusive to explosive?  How does this compare to the last eruption in 1979?
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