Volcanic Unrest Short Course to be held in Dominica

Organized in collaboration with the VUELCO (Volcanic Unrest in Europe and Latin America) consortium (a European Union funded project), the short course will consist of geological field trips and a series of lectures regarding research on the volcanic systems of Dominica, modelling risk and disaster management strategies. The course culminates with a simulation of volcanic unrest based in Dominica. This simulation aims to test communications between the scientists and the ODM, along with emergency contingency plans and protocols.

Course participants include an international team of scientists from the Caribbean, United Kingdom and Europe along with postgraduate students, local stakeholders and regional emergency response agencies.
Dr. Richard Robertson, Director of the UWI-SRC and regional project lead notes, “This activity is important to Dominica and the region since it will provide an opportunity to test local and regional response mechanisms for possible future volcanic emergencies.”

Mr. Don Corriette, National Disaster Coordinator (Ag), states, “The ODM embraces this opportunity to host and participate in the second VUELCO short-course. Having participated in a similar activity in Italy a year ago, I can testify to the wealth of knowledge that Dominica stands to benefit from the lectures and simulation exercises. The programme of activities complements the ODM’s Comprehensive Disaster Management strategy, which focuses on the management of a multiplicity of hazards. The volcanic hazard is prevalent in Dominica. Our goal is that the National Emergency Planning Organization (NEPO) and the ODM are better positioned in their stance against our volcanic hazard, and competent in the management of such a crisis. I therefore solicit the full support of all our stakeholders, including the general public, as we increase awareness in, and strengthen our resilience to, the volcanic and seismic hazards in Dominica.”

The UWI-SRC wishes to advise the public that the volcanoes in Dominica are currently considered quiet and the activities this week are not indicative of any change but are all part of normal preparedness work that must be conducted during these quiet periods.