Kafele Reddock

Research Assistant - Seismology



1-868-662-4659 403 ext


Bsc Geology, UWI Mona

MPhil Seismology, UWI St. Augustine (ongoing)


Kafele Reddock is a Trinidadian researcher and field team leader in the Geophysics Department at the SRC. Previously a Seismic Research Technician, he now works in the multidisciplinary field of Microzonation Studies with a focus on Site Effects and Seismic Hazard Assessment. His interests span the breadth of work done at the SRC where he is involved in Seismology, Geophysics, and Geology with some input in instrument design and deployment. At the UWISRC, Kafele’s primary role is leading the Field Team of the Trinidad and Tobago Microzonation Project a project done under the auspices of The Ministry Planning and Development. Under the project Kafele engages in a myriad of Geophysical, Geological and Geomorphological surveys and is involved in data capture, analysis and interpretation of these data sets. His primary research is now the Site Effect study of the Diego Martin Valley, the aim of which is to map the seismic character (vibrational/shaking qualities) of the local geology within the valley. He is also part of an informal Geological Hazard Response team involved in studying hazardous phenomena associated with Trinidad’s unique geology. Works here include; the Devil’s Woodyard mud volcano, the Los Iros Earthquake induced landslide, the Piparo mud volcano.

Major Publications

FINAL REPORT: Seismic Microzonation Studies of Port of Spain, Trinidad, based on H/V spectral ratios and Genetic Inversion of Phase Velocity on Microtremors –Walter Salazar, Garth Mannette, Kafele Reddock, Clevon Ash and Marie Hinds

Journal Publications

  • Interpreting the morphology of the interface between the alluvium of the Port of Spain Gravels and the underlying rock formations in Port of Spain. GSTT Hammer July 2018 (1st Author). Kafele Reddock & Jevan Manzano & Ilias Papadopoulos.
  • Estimation of Shear Wave Velocity Profiles Employing Genetic Algorithms and the Diffuse Field Approach on Microtremors Array: Implications on Liquefaction Hazard at Port of Spain, Trinidad. IntechOpen (Natural Hazards – Risk, Exposure, Response, and Resilience). Walter Salazar, Garth Mannette, Kafele Reddock and Clevon Ash.
  • High-resolution grid of H/V spectral ratios and spatial variability on microtremors at Port of Spain, Trinidad. Springer Science+Business Media B.V. 2017 (Journal of Seismology) (Co-author).
  • Walter Salazar & Garth Mannette & Kafele Reddock & Clevon Ash.

Conference/Workshop Proceedings

  • 6th Conference – Geological Society of Trinidad and Tobago – Hyatt Regency POS – Presentation Titled: Brief Revisiting of the Plutonic Suit of South Western Tobago – Kafele Reddock and Jevan Manzano
  • GSTT Technical Talk – GSTT – Valpark Chinese Restaurant
  • Preliminary Insights into Recent Earthquake Activity in the Southeastern Caribbean and their Effects (Presentation) – Ilias Papadopoulos, Jevan Manzano and Kafele Reddock