Hannah Ramsingh-Reddock

Research Technician



1-868-662-4659 407 ext


BSc. Physics (major) Environmental Science, Materials Science (minors) (2011)

MPhil Seismology (UWI, St Augustine) (ongoing)


Hannah Ramsingh is a Trinidadian researcher and Seismic Technician/ Data Analyst in the Seismology section at the SRC. Her key responsibilities at the Centre include locating seismic events and managing the various seismic databases amongst other things. An employee of the Centre since 2010, Hannah became an M.Phil. student in 2019 after an earthquake sequence north of Barbados in 2015 started her interest. The main aim of her study is to investigate the seismic development of the accretionary prism, which underlies the Eastern Caribbean island of Barbados and defines its extent to quantify the maximum magnitude earthquake that the system might generate. Her project requires her to utilize focal mechanism solutions and joint hypocentral analysis of the earthquake sequences associated with the zone to define the generating faults.

Major Publications

Journal Publications

The University of the West Indies-Seismic Research Centre Volcano Monitoring Network: Evolution since 1953 and Challenges in Maintaining a State-of-the-Art Network in a Small Island Economy -Frédéric J.-Y. Dondin, Lloyd Lynch, Chan Ramsingh, Graham A. Ryan, Ilias Papadopoulous, Daniel Rueppel, Erouscilla P. Joseph, Joan L. Latchman, Richard E. A. Robertson, Nisha Nath, Ranissa Mathura, Amit Balchan, Stephen George, Ian Juman, Farrah Madoo, Garth Manette, Hannah Ramsingh. Geosciences 9 (January 2019)
DOI: 10.3390/geosciences9020071

Impact of Volcanic Eruptions on the Seafloor Around Montserrat, West Indies – Steven Carey, Katherine L.C. Bell, Stephen Sparks, Adam Stinton, Jesse Ausubel, Brennan T. Phillips, Nicole A. Raineault, Nam Siu, Christina Fandel, Omari Graham, Hannah Ramsingh, Ruth Blake, Steven Auscavitch, Amanda W.J. Demopoulos, and Katherine Rodrigue. Oceanography 27, 36-37 (February 2014)