St. George’s Grenada, Sunday 30th April, 2017: The National Disaster Management Agency (NaDMA) continues to collaborate with the Seismic Research Centre (SRC), University of the West Indies to monitor activities at the Kick em’ Jenny under water Volcano.

NaDMA was advised of increased activities yesterday. There have also been a number of felt reports. Volcanic episodes at Kick em’ Jenny, since 1939, usually consist of several eruptions lasting over several days before returning to repose; therefore, further eruptions should be expected in this episode. It would be useful for those in coastal areas to be on the lookout for unusual material that might be ejected from last evening’s eruption. SRC will continue to monitor and update as activity warrants.

The alert level is YELLOW. The YELLOW alert level means that vessels should observe a 1.5 km/0.93 mile exclusion zone. However, as a precautionary measure, the marine community is advised to continue observing the 5 km/3.1 mile exclusion zone. The SRC has advised that heightened alert is necessary for the exclusion zone.

The general population is reminded that the official advisories on this matter, and all other disaster related matters will come directly from the National Disaster Management Agency.

NaDMA wishes to remind the general public about the responsible use of social media.

The population can rest assured that SRC continues to monitor the system and NaDMA will continue to liaise with SRC and provide updates.
Ruth Jacob-Roberts
Senior Information Officer /PR – NaDMA