UWI-SRC Volcanologist Selected as an Outstanding Woman of the UWI

Congratulations to UWI-SRC’s very own Volcanologist, Dr. Erouscilla P. Joseph on being selected by the University of the West Indies (UWI) Institute for Gender & Development Studies (IGDS), as one of 77 outstanding women of The UWI. This initiative is part of the UWI’s 70th anniversary celebrations serves to highlight the outstanding achievement of women across all three campuses since the inception of The UWI to present. Dr. Joseph was selected to represent the year 2008 and was named a “ Trailblazer of Volcanology for Tourism.”

Dr. Joseph is the first PhD graduate in Volcanology from the UWI. She is known for her work on the collection and analysis of volcanic gases and geothermal waters in the islands of the Lesser Antilles Arc. She has made a significant contribution to volcano tourism by studying the Sulphur Springs Park in St Lucia, the world’s only drive in volcano, where the health hazard impact on visitors was measured in connection to the ambient concentration of Sulphur Dioxide. She is also actively involved in promoting earthquake and hazard awareness.

Dr. Joseph’s main research interest is geothermal monitoring and health risks associated with exposure to volcanic emissions.
You follow her on Twitter: @Erouscillaj

On December 6th 2018, The IGDS launched an exhibition photo display commemorating all 77 women selected. This exhibition will be on display at the Alma Jordan Library, UWI St. Augustine until January 31st 2019.