Uniform Risk Coefficients for Certain Caribbean Territories

The table provided here is an extract from Clarke R. 2019. “Computation of Risk Coefficients (CRS, CR1) for Obtaining Risk-Targeted Earthquake Hazard Values for Several Caribbean Territories”, The West Indian Journal of Engineering, Vol.42, No.1, July 2019, pp.4-11. The intention is to be used by civil and structural engineers to convert The UWI SRC uniform hazard maps for the Lesser Antilles to uniform risk maps, and consequently to be used by engineers in order to properly apply the building codes of the United States of America that were published since 2009 – the ASCE/SEI 7 and the IBC, and their reference documents.


Disclaimer: This table shared is not the intellectual property of The UWI SRC. It has been provided by Dr. Richard Clarke, Senior Lecturer at The University of the West Indies, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, as is. The UWI SRC does not provide any implicit or explicit guarantee. Any risk derived from the improper use of the data is assumed by the user.