The UWI Seismic Research Centre Evaluates its Communication

The UWI Seismic Research Centre is partnering with the University of Cambridge on a project to measure the efficacy of its crisis communications during the eruption. Feedback from the public and stakeholders will be used to strengthen the Centre’s communication strategy to ensure that important scientific and safety messages are received and understood by those who need them.

Due to the pandemic, the bulk of the Centre’s communications was online which may have excluded vulnerable groups such as the elderly and those with limited internet access. “We are particularly interested in learning more about how our messages were received by those living on the flanks of the volcano who may have had limited access to the internet,” said Stacey Edwards, Education & Outreach Manager at the Centre. “This study will help us to identify gaps as well as build a more robust and inclusive strategy that can be used by the Centre and national disaster management agencies like NEMO.

The study will run through August and comprises an online survey along with in-person surveys, focus groups and stakeholder interviews in St Vincent. Persons can complete the survey here: