Rodrigo Contreras Arratia

Research Fellow - Seismology



1-868-662-4659 306 ext


  • BSc, Physical Sciences, Universidad de Concepcion, Concepcion, Chile
  • MSc, Geophysics, Universidad de Chile, Santiago, Chile
  • Diploma: Tsunami Hazards and Vulnerability in Pacific Coast of South America, PUCV, funded by UNESCO
  • PhD in Earth and Environment, University of Leeds, Leeds, United Kingdom


  • Seismology
  • Volcano seismology
  • Seismic sources and volcanic tremor
  • Volcano monitoring and instrumentation


As the seismologist at SRC, I am in charge of analysing and interpret the seismic signals produced by earthquakes in the eastern Caribbean. That includes tectonic events produced by the subduction zone and also volcano-related signals.

My research focuses on a variety of seismological features in volcanic environments. I am especially interested in seismic sources in volcanic environments, but also their relationship to geological and geophysical observations. I enjoy testing methodologies on extreme synthetic cases to check resolutions and viability.

I have a strong background in physics and mathematics, with deep knowledge in geophysics and seismology. I code using different languages, mostly Python. I have expertise using specialised seismological software on moment tensor inversions, numerical wave propagation, localisation of earthquakes and map creation.

Spanish is my mother tongue, I am proficient in English, and basic knowledge of the Russian language. Football lover and electric guitar enthusiast.

 Research interests

  • Physical models which explain seismic activity in volcanic settings, rupture processes, radiation and moment tensor inversions.
  • Volcano monitoring, seismic data analysis.
  • Forward seismic modelling and moment tensor inversions.
  • Solid-Fluid interactions in volcanic environments.
  • Viscoelastic and plastic wave propagation.
  • Links between seismology and deformation

Major Publications

  • Contreras-Arratia, R. and Neuberg, J.W. 2020. Towards reconciling seismic and geodetic moment estimations: Case Bárðarbunga. Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research.
  • Contreras-Arratia, R. and Neuberg, J.W., 2019. Complex seismic sources in volcanic environments: Radiation modelling and moment tensor inversions. Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research.