Jose Marerro

Hazard and Risk Officer





  • BSc, Geography and History, La Laguna University, Spain.
  • Diploma of Advanced Studies, Life and Environmental Sciences, La Laguna University, Spain.
  • PhD in Volcanic Risk Management, La Laguna University, Spain.


  • Develop tools for evacuation planning and understanding DEM
  • Volcanic hazard assessment and mapping.
  • Build high detailed multi risk exposure models working in multi-hazard environments
  • Scientific communication for crisis management and understanding conflicts during volcanic crisis


With work experience of more than 18 years in risk and hazard assessment in volcanic active areas. I have had the opportunity to participate in several volcanic and earthquake emergencies in Spain and Ecuador. Here, I focused my attention on finding solutions for problems that can arise between scientists, decision makers and population, as well as generating tools to mitigate those problems. I developed the volcanic hazard maps of La Palma (Canary Island, Spain), in which various geographical methodologies where introduced to improve hazard map management. I also participated in the development of the volcanic early warnings system of El Hierro (Spain) to facilitate the communication of scientific information to Civil Defense and local authorities. In the same realm, I developed a tool (namely “Topohazard”) that allowed the improvement of the hazard maps of Cotpaxi volcano (Ecuador) by calculating security areas and better definitions of the hazard limits to turn hazard maps into emergency maps. Then, I was part of a research team dedicated to assessing the physical vulnerability of constructions to ultimately calculate and map the impact generated by the earthquake in Portoviejo (Ecuador) at detailed scale (building level).
My most recent work as a mayor’s advisor of Quito Metropolitan District, (DMQ, Ecuador) allowed me to manage a significant amount of municipality data (a 3 million people city), by implementing two different methodologies in order to understand the territory and risk. The first, the Exploratory System of Spatial Analysis (SEAE-DMQ) focuses on computationally faster analysis of millions of data to characterize spatial units at different scales for decision making. The second is the Multipurpose and Multihazard High Resolution Exposure Model of Quito. More.


 Research interests

  • Disaster Risk Reduction: Improve hazard maps and risk assessment for emergency management and territorial planning. Understand and develop scientific communication methods
    to manage natural hazards and crisis situations. Study exposed areas at high detailed scale using municipality spatial data. Develop strong and sustainable spatial data management  strategies for multirisk assessment and decision-making.
  • Programming and geodata analysis: Develop algorithms for spatial data analysis and data cleaning. Improve data infrastructure and develop data organization systems. Automatize spatial data analysis.

Major Publications

Journal Publications

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