Is the water around Kick-’em-Jenny hot?

The temperature of the body of sea water above Kick-‘em-Jenny is generally no different to that of the seawater surrounding the volcano. Inside the crater of the volcano, however, at depths of about 260 m below sea level, there are areas where the water temperature is elevated relative to the surrounding seas. During the March 2003 NOAA research cruise over Kick ‘em Jenny scientists discovered numerous steam vents within the crater that may have temperatures of up to 150 ˚C. These hydrothermal venting undoubtedly heats up surrounding waters. The presence of zones of hot water within the crater was also suggested in 1989, when a manned research submersible experienced a problem during a dive on Kick ‘em Jenny. As the submersible passed over the crater rim and into the open crater, it entered a zone of sudden updraft and the craft was rapidly lifted towards the surface. The pilot claimed he thought they had encountered a pool or column of warmer water and the updraft carried them towards the surface.