Earthquake Prediction

The UWI Seismic Research Centre advises that it has not issued an earthquake prediction for Trinidad. Scientists are unable to predict the location, time and date of when an earthquake will occur.

The SRC uses scientific methods in the study of earthquakes. The Centre is not in a position to comment on other methods of earthquake prediction.

The pattern of seismicity seen in the last week has not changed. There is no scientific evidence to suggest that Trinidad is more likely to have an earthquake within the next 24 hours than at any other time. The Eastern Caribbean, including Trinidad & Tobago, is a seismically active area which will continue to have earthquakes of varying magnitudes.

The Seismic Research Centre continues to encourage the public to prepare for earthquakes by knowing what to do during an earthquake (drop, cover and hold under a strong table or desk) and by practicing this regularly through drills at home, school and work.

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