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The Volcano Ready Communities Project seeks to reduce vulnerability to the multi-hazard environment of La Soufrière Volcano in St. Vincent through a combination of activities designed to enhance community early warning procedures, increase adaptive capacities, strengthen awareness, and enhance response capacities. These resources may be used freely.

Brochures Posters (18×24″) Community Multi-hazard Maps Social Media Infographics  Videos
Volcano Caribbean Volcanoes Chateaubelair & Fitz Hughes Monitoring Volcanoes in the Caribbean (Pt1) La Soufriѐre: Beyond the Ashes
Beyond the Ashes (exhibition booklet) Volcanic Hazard Map for La Soufriѐre Volcano Fancy Monitoring Volcanoes in the Caribbean (Pt2) The 1979 La Soufriѐre Eruption
Volcano Ready Kids’ Activity Booklet Living with La Soufriѐre Georgetown FAQ: Explosive vs Effusive Eruptions
Earthquakes Hazards of La Soufriѐre Owia/Point FAQ: Can earthquakes trigger volcanic eruptions?
Tsunamis Earthquake Safety (16×20″) Overland FAQ: Can eruptions occur without warning?
Rose Hall FAQ: Are volcanoes in the Caribbean linked?
Sandy Bay FAQ: How do scientists monitor volcanoes?
Spring Village FAQ: Volcanoes and steam vents
Troumaca & Rose Bank FAQ: Hot weather and volcanoes
La Soufriѐre’s Eruption History
La Soufriѐre Eruption 2020/21 Timeline
Living with La Soufriѐre
Hazards of La Soufriѐre: Pyroclastic Flows
Hazards of La Soufriѐre: Volcanic Bombs
Hazards of La Soufriѐre: Volcanic Ash
Hazards of La Soufriѐre: Lahars
Earthquake safety
Tsunami safety
Volcano safety
Volcano preparedness