Technical Presentations

Inception, Deployment, Processing and Initial Results of a Continuous GPS (cGPS) Network Across the Lesser Antilles Arc: Implications for Caribbean Plate Geodesy and Volcano Monitoring – R. Watts (3.5MB)

Public Education Strategies for Earthquakes and Tsunamis: SVG Geological Hazards Workshop,S. Edwards (2012) (2MB)

Communicating Effectively: SVG Geological Hazards Workshop,S. Edwards (2012) (5MB)

SRC Education & Outreach Programme Lessons Learned: SVG Geological Hazards Workshop, S. Edwards (2012) (2MB)

GEM Caribbean Regional Programme Workshop_Status of Building Codes in Jamaica – W. Adams  

NIHERST Caribbean Youth Science Forum – Insights into Earthquake Engineering, O. Graham (2010) (1.3MB)

Earthquake Consultation – Comprehensive Disaster Management Policy including Critical Facilities Protection Policy Framework, Col. G. Robinson (Ret’d) (2010) (2.65MB)

Earthquake Consultation – Perspectives on Earthquake Risk Assessment and Management; J. Opadeyi (2010) (2MB)

Earthquake Consultation – The Use of Building Codes and Licensing of Professionals in Mitigating Natural Disasters; M. Francois(2010) (2MB)

Earthquake Consultation – Trinidad & Tobago in the Current Hazard Picture for the Eastern Caribbean; W. Salazar (2010) (5MB)

Earthquake Consultation – Impact of Structural Approvals on the Vulnerability of Building Infrastructure; M. Feveck (2010) (0.2MB)

Earthquake Consultation – Eastern Caribbean Earthquakes – Past, Present and Future Implications for Trinidad & Tobago; J. Latchman(2010) (11MB)

Earthquake Consultation – Seismic Risk of Building Infrastructure in Trinidad & Tobago; R. Clarke (2010) (0.9MB)

Earthquake Consultation – A Case for a National Earthquake Risk Reduction Programme; L. Lynch(2010) (3MB)

Historical Development of Earthquake Risk Reduction Activities in the Caribbean (2010) (12MB)

Seismic Hazard Assessment Study for the Eastern Caribbean Islands Pt 1 of 2(2010) (7MB)

Seismic Hazard Assessment Study for the Eastern Caribbean Islands Pt 2 of 2(2010) (8MB)

Rationale,challenges and preliminary results of a new hydrothermal monitoring program in the Eastern Caribbean, E. Joseph (2004) (1.5MB)

Implementation of a geothermal monitoring program for the islands of the Lesser Antilles: Challenges and preliminary results, E. Joseph (2004) (1.6MB)