Volcano Stories


Eighteen years into the eruption of the Soufrière Hills Volcano, the Montserrat Volcano Observatory invited children and teenagers to submit stories with the theme A Volcano’s Touch for its annual Creative Writing Competition. This collection features the 26 winning stories, accompanied by colourful illustrations. It is a one-of-a-kind storybook for children and adults, which takes the reader to fantastical worlds on volcanic adventures of all kinds, and also to explore Montserrat, the beautiful Caribbean island where so many lives have been touched and forever changed by a volcano.

Volcano Stories can be purchased from the following sources:


Montserrat Volcano Observatory

UWI Seismic Research Centre

Island of Fire: The Natural Spectacle of the SHV Montserrat


The first of its kind for the Caribbean, Island of Fire is a photographic collection depicting the volcanic eruption in Montserrat which began in 1995. The eruption is one of the most dramatic volcanic events of recent decades and has shown a wide variety of geological phenomena – some of which had never been witnessed anywhere else or on such a large scale within historical times. With detailed captions accompanying each photograph, Island of Fire is truly a synergy of art and science.

Read what others are saying about Island of Fire here. Preview the book at the Montserrat Volcano Observatory website,

Island of Fire can be purchased from the following sources:


Montserrat Volcano Observatory

UWI Seismic Research Centre

Volcanic Hazard Atlas of the Lesser Antilles


The Volcanic Hazard Atlas of the Lesser Antilles is a comprehensive reference work summarising the current state of knowledge of each live volcano in the volcanic islands of the Lesser Antilles. The individual island-specific entries include sections that summarise all previous work, the geological history of the island and the volcano monitoring network. Each potentially active volcano on the island is then discussed in turn, with emphasis on past eruptive activity, geothermal activity and seismicity. Poster-sized versions (17×22 in) of all the integrated volcanic hazard maps are included in the accompanying map pocket.

Download chapters and maps here. Free hard copies  of the Atlas inclusive of maps are available upon request. Shipping costs apply.