C.O.R.E Internship 2023

The UWI St. Augustine, Trinidad & Tobago. Friday September 15, 2023- Our 2023 C.O.R.E interns, Christie Carr, Julie McVorran and Dahlia Jones successfully completed their internships and were awarded their certificates.

The C.O.R.E. (Creating Opportunities through Research and Experience) is an 8 week July-August vacation program for highly-motivated university students and recent graduates (2 years) interested in pursuing geoscience careers. Successful candidates gain valuable hands-on experience and a full understanding of how the SRC attains its objectives through collaborations within the department. Our interns worked under the supervision of senior scientists on individual research projects in the areas of Data Science, GIS and Disaster Risk Perception. To learn more about the research projects they worked on click here. Two of the interns, Dahlia and Christie were based in Trinidad at the SRC while Julie was based in Montserrat for three weeks, after which she completed her internship at the SRC.

A major aspect of the internship is providing interns with a complete understanding of the operations here at the SRC, as such one day each is week is dedicated to ‘Apprentice Sessions’ where they rotate to the various sections to learn new skills. These sessions gave them the opportunity to experience the work of our Technicians, Seismologists, Geophysicists, Volcanologists and Outreach Officers.

The interns completed the program by presenting the work they have done over the eight weeks to staff and were awarded their certificates, we congratulate our cycle of 2023 interns and wish them all the best in their future endeavors.