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St. Vincent - Geothermal Activity

Geothermal activity associated with the Soufrière volcano is confined to the crater and the base of the southern flank of the volcano. Two groups of high temperature fumaroles are present near the base of the southern part of the andesitic dome that occupies the north-western portion of the summit crater. The fumaroles emit steam and gases and have reduced in vigour since their first manifestation immediately following dome emplacement at the final stages of the 1979 eruption. Along the northern streambed of the Wallibou river at an elevation of 280 m (approximately 1 km from the Trinity waterfalls) a group of lukewarm springs (37 oC) occur.

Photograph of the crater of the Soufriere Volcano showing the 1979 lava dome (DO), crater lavas (CR) and the area of fumarolic activity (FA).

Scientist from the Soufriere Monitoring Unit collecting gas sample in the crater of the Soufriere volcano

Photograph of the area of fumarolic activity located on the 1979 lava dome on the crater of the Soufriere volcano.