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Project Profile
Disaster Risk Reduction Centre (DRRC) - Risk Atlas Project

Project Coordinators: Walter Salazar
Implementing Agency: UWI Seismic Research Centre, St. Augustine, Trinidad
Funding Agency: UWI Disaster Risk Reduction Centre, Mona, Jamaica
Description:  The plate tectonic setting of the Caribbean region makes it susceptible to geological hazards such as earthquakes, the impact of which can be intense and widespread, as demonstrated by the 2010 Magnitude 7.0 earthquake in Haiti. Most of the earthquakes that have occurred in the past that could have caused significant damage have been centred away from densely populated areas, but increased vulnerability and our present-day understanding of the seismic hazard of the Caribbean region indicate that the earthquake threat is indeed very significant. As the islands of the regions pursue their individual developmental agenda an increasing percentage of its building stock, population and infrastructure will become exposed to the seismic risk. Implementing mitigation measures and reducing vulnerability are the most effective mechanisms to reduce the potentially devastating impact of future strong and major earthquakes. 
The primary objective of the project is to develop a methodology for seismic risk assessment in the Caribbean for three pilot States: Jamaica, Grenada and Barbados. It aims to provide guidelines and open-source software for the estimation of earthquake loss using available socio-economic data.
Project Status: In Progress

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