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General Information

The Seismic Research Centre of The University of the West Indies monitors earthquakes and volcanoes for the English-speaking islands of the Eastern Caribbean. The SRC also manages the Montserrat Volcano Observatory. 

To be the leading agency in the Eastern Caribbean for earthquake, volcano and tsunami monitoring and for the dissemination of information to reduce risk, deaths, injuries, property damage and economic loss.
To monitor and study earthquakes, volcanoes and tsunamis in the Eastern Caribbean and provide advice and information for emergency response, public safety and loss mitigation.
The Centre maintains a volcanic surveillance and warning system in its contributing territories,  conducts research on the distribution and frequency of earthquakes in the Eastern Caribbean and provides advice on earthquake and volcano related issues to governments of the following contributing countries:

Contributing countries to the Seismic Research Centre

Trinidad and Tobago E
Barbados E
Grenada VE
St. Vincent and the Grenadines VE
St. Lucia VE
Dominica VE
St. Kitts/Nevis VE
Antigua and Barbuda E
Montserrat VE

E=earthquake monitoring V=volcanic monitoring.

The Centre maintains a monitoring network consisting of over 50 seismic stations, ground deformation networks in all the volcanic islands and an expanding programme of geothermal monitoring throughout the Eastern Caribbean. Close links are also maintained with similar monitoring organisations in the region such as:

  • The Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris (IPGP) (Martinique and Guadeloupe)
  • The Fundacion Venezolana de Investigaciones Sismologicas (FUNVISIS) and the Universidad de Oriente (UDO) (Venezuela)
  • The University of Puerto Rico Seismic Network (Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.)

With the combined network of the SRC and these cooperating agencies the Centre is able to provide continuous information about earthquakes as they happen, to carry out specialist studies of particularly significant earthquakes immediately after they happen, and to regularly update estimates of the level of earthquake hazard in the region. This is critical information for the development of earthquake-resistant building codes, planning for seismic emergencies and the planning of important infrastructural projects which are vulnerable to earthquake effects.

In addition to providing services in volcanology and seismology to the governments of the contributing countries, the SRC also provides consultancy services in various aspects of Applied Seismology, Geochemistry, Engineering Geophysics and Geology to both local and international insurance companies as well as civil engineering establishments. Additionally, scientists at the Centre are actively involved in a regional effort to establish a tsunami warning system for the Caribbean and adjacent areas. In recent years, the Centre has become more heavily involved in public education through traveling exhibitions, school lectures both on and off site, website development and regional public education campaigns.